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Dorris Office


719 W 3rd St
Dorris, CA 96023
Ph: 530.397.2211
Fax: 530.397.2345
Esp: 530.397.2391

Tulelake Office


301 C St
Tulelake, CA 96134
Ph: 530.667.2297
Fax: 530.667.3000
Esp: 530.667.2391

Klamath Falls Office

Klamath Falls

201 Riverside Dr
Klamath Falls, OR
Ph: 541.887.8100
Fax: 541.887.8212

Yreka Office


201 Riverside Dr
Klamath Falls, OR
Ph: 530.841.7000
Fax: 541.887.8212