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APRS in Siskiyou County
144.39 MHz

KJ6RA - Mount Shasta

SHASTA - Soda Ridge near Dunsmuir

YREKA - Mahogany near Yreka

KE6MZN - Klamathon

Near Etna, California
145.01 MHz
Type lb for message list

SOAPRA Packet  System
SCARA-KE6YJH-1 --  145.01,  located west of Yreka on Mahogany (owned and operated by SCARA).
SODA-KB7SKB ------- 144.98,  located on Soda Mt. just north of the California/Oregon border, east of  I-5.
KFALLS- K7DDI ------  145.77,  located on Hamaker Mt. south of  Keno, Oregon

Nodes on 144.91 MHz:
K7RVM on the Rogue Valley Manor and at the Red Cross (Jackson County, OR). 

Nodes on 145.05 MHz:

NWSMFR 145.090 MHz
National Weather Service Medford BBS
145.030 MHz -
NWS Packet Node on Mt. Ashland.

For more, check the NODE LIST on the listed systems.

APRS 144.390 MHz
  located on Hamaker Mt. south of  Keno, Oregon
KE6YJH-3, near Dunsmuir,  - Soda Ridge

For Southern Oregon use: RVLA2-2
Digipeater/Igate Status
Location Coverage Elev. Latitude Longitude Identity STATUS
Mt. Baldy Rogue Valley 3900 ft. 42.17.93 N 122.45.13 W BALDY Coming Soon
Mt. Sexton Sunny Valley 3834 ft. 42.36.07 N 123.21.77 W SEXTON ACTIVE
Fielder Rogue River - GP 3750 ft. 42.26.74 N 123.13.00 W FIELDR ACTIVE
8 Dollar Illinois Valley 4001 ft. 42.15.49 N 123.39.65 W DOLLAR Coming Soon
Phoenix Rogue Valley 1350 ft. 42.16.87 N 122.49.78 W ACTIVE


Automatic Position Reporting System Information

Automatic Position Reporting System
W9IF (lots of info.)
Track of KO6DW-15
APRS World - Good -
Track history on a map - new

G4IDE's Packet Radio Software
Position of KO6DW 
ISS Location
Automatic Position Reporting System  APRS 
APRS info courtesy of cAVe

Latest APRS software ?
T238 APRS Wx Station
WA9VNV APRS Frequency Map
N6FRI APRS Information Page
Accuracy of GPS
Real Time APRS Map
Find Location of APRS Station
Add Call to end of link
K4HG - javAPRS Mapping
APRS Weather Information
Add ZIP code to end of the link
PC Keyboard control of D700A
AB7QN Local APRS Activities
Northwest APRS Association 
Lots of great information
Kenwood TM-D700A Mobile Transceiver
Kenwood Website
TH-D7A Data Radio Handheld
KD6VYV TH-D7A Information Website
Cables by N8NBC for the Kenwoord TH-D7A
PC Control of  D700 and D7A(G)
Link 7 and Link 700
MacAPRS™ & WinAPRS™ 

Links to other UI-View and APRS sites

M0CYP's UI-View Page- You can find UI-Path here!
G6ODT's Packet Radio Page
G6NHU's MB7UIV Information Page
G7JGQ's UI-Tools Page- You can find UI-Tools here!
GB7IPH APRS Site - Lots of UI-View maps of the UK.
The MB7USK Site - UI-View information and maps.
KC2RLM's Sound Card Packet Site - An excellent AGWPE "HOWTO".
ZL2UMF's Site - An excellent site for UI-View maps.
I3YPJ's Ham Radio page (Italian)
ON1CIT's Site - has some UI-View updates on the APRS Stuff page.
The BEACONet Home Page
ZS6OUN's site - APRS maps of Africa.
VK4TEC's APRS Experiment Gallery and links
IK2XYU/KF6EEZ's Site - Bilingual (English and Italian) APRS/UI-View Site
TA1DX's APRS Site - Turkish APRS/UI-View Site
UBA Section OST - Belgian ham site, with UI-View maps in APRS section
VK2THE's UI-View Map's Site - Maps for VK1 and VK2
IK2CBD's Site - Italian WinPack and UI-View site
OE1OWA's Site - Some nice European maps
Cheshunt & District Amateur Radio Club UI-View Page

Coloured relief maps of the USA

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Other Amateur Radio Links

G0OPC's Home Page - Lots of WinPack Add-Ons
M0CKE's Site - Including Some UI-View UK Maps
Andover Radio Amateur Club
MaxPak Packet Group Site
Suffolk Data Group
G4EPN's Home Page
G0KRB's Amateur Radio Links
IS0GRB's site

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Mail to G4IDE -

Satellite Information

How does GPS Work?
AMSAT-North America
Realtime Satellite Tracking
Kodiak Star Launch is a Success
Satellite Tracking Charts
Starshine 3 communication system

PCsat, Digipeater
A Naval Academy Amateur Radio Satellite
also Sapphire Satellite

PCsat will enter full sun on 17 July and be fully functional through 1 August or later.  Check your travel and summer portable OPS plans for opportunities.  Passes will be within +/- 1.5 hours of Sunset and Sunrise
(thats why its in full sun!).


PCsat can hear a 5W HT on an omni antenna, and mobiles just fine.  PCsat is simply a packet digipeater on 145.825 with the callsign of W3ADO-1.


We will also need IGates to return to active duty on 145.825 for that time period and as long afterwards as we can maintain positive power budget. Twice we have extended that for over 30 days past full sun...


PCsat is now only usable in afternoon sun passes for -short- packets.



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Read all about it at.
PCsat Web Site
Please read before using PCsat
This will give you more information.
User Service Agreement
Use only the authorized power levels, channel and periodicity for your station class
and precedence as posted and published below. 
Terminal Packet  50W  1200 145.827 5 min APRSAT 145.827 
APRS Base stn 50W  9600 435.250 5 min  APRSAT 145.827 
Mobile 50W  9600 435.250 various APRSAT 145.827 
Handi-Talkie 5W 1200 145.827 various APRSAT 145.827 

Currently it appears that it takes more power than 5 watts to hit Sapphire.

Ham Radio on ISS

IMAGE: Logo for the Amateur Radio International Space Station organization, or ARISS.

Worldwide downlink for voice and packet 145.80
Worldwide packet uplink 145.99
Region 1 voice uplink 145.20
Region 2 and 3 voice uplink 144.49
Initial operations will only take place on the 2m band.
Call Signs for the ISS
Yury Onufrienko unknown
Daniel Bursch KD5PNU
Carl Walz KC5TIE
Russian callsigns RSOISS, RZ3DZR
U.S.A. callsign NA1SS
Packet station mailbox callsign RZ3DZR-1
Packet station keyboard callsign RZ3DZR
For more information on the procedures used to contact the International Space Station, check out the ARISS Expedition Four home page.

ARISS packet system to be upgraded soon

ARISS packet system to be upgraded soon

Normal packet activity with a real call sign should resume soon on
the International Space Station. Amateur Radio on the International
Space Station (ARISS) Board Chairman Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, says a new
packet module sent up to the ISS last August will be installed by
February 25.

Since Amateur Radio gear was installed on the ISS in 2000, the
packet system--crippled with a dead RAM (random access memory)
backup battery--has been operating in digipeat mode using the NOCALL
call sign and other ROM (read-only memory) defaults. Earthbound
users have been able to access the system nonetheless, but the lack
of a call sign has been an annoyance.

Bauer said the new module, using the call sign RS0ISS, will employ a
specially developed ROM programmed with standard ISS defaults, a new
battery and an extended memory--up to one megabyte. The TNC also has
eight-bit capability to support Russian Cyrillic typesets, and a
one-minute timeout disconnect from the PMS if no pertinent packets
are heard.

Although the mailbox function will be activated, hams are
discouraged from using it. ''Currently there is no computer hooked up
to the packet module,'' Bauer explained. ''In addition, the crew will
be much too busy to respond to messages posted there.''

ARISS packet radio frequencies will remain the same. The uplink is
145.99 MHz, the downlink is 145.80 MHz.

For more information on the new packet hardware and the ARISS
equipment, visit the ARISS Web site at, .


Run APRS On Your BayPac (03-29-00)
Pocket 2meter "J" Pole


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